Posted by: davidlarkin | March 16, 2018

Truck Driving in Ghana with the Lord

In the photo above, the truck driver in Ghana chooses “God is My Protector” for his truck.

Like a modern Psalm, in the following prayer, a young Ghanaian Christian truck driver, choosing “Jesus is Mine” for his truck, prays for his trip through Kumasi to Accra, and he and his passengers and cargo make it safely with the help of Jesus:

Truck Driver’s Prayer by a young Ghanaian Christian

the motor running under me is running hot.
there are twenty-eight people
and lots of luggage in the truck.
Underneath are my bad tyres.
The brakes are unreliable.
Unfortunately I have no money,
and parts are difficult to get.

I did not overload the truck.
‘Jesus is mine’
is written on the vehicle
for without him I would not drive
a single mile.
The people in the back are relying on me.
They trust me because they see the words:
‘Jesus is mine’.
I trust you!

First comes the straight road
With little danger,
I can keep my eyes on the women,
children and chickens in the village.
But soon the road begins to turn,
it goes up and down,
it jumps and dances,
the death-road to Kumasi.
Tractors carrying mahogany trunks drive
as if there were no right or left.
Kumasi is the temptation
to take more people than we should.
Let’s overcome it!

The road to Accra is another problem.
Truck drivers try to beat the record,
although the road is poor
and has many holes
and there are many curves
before we come to the hills.

And finally to Akwasim.
Passing large churches in every village,
I am reminded of you and in reverence
I take off my hat.
Now downhill in second gear.

One more temptation;
The straight road to Accra.
Lord, keep my feet steady on the pedals
Even on the straight road to Accra.

I sing hallelujah
when the ride is ended
for you brought the truck and the people
in safety
through the hustle and bustle of Accra.

Lord, all is mercy,
‘Jesus is mine’.
Hallelujah. Amen.
from the Oxford Book of Prayer, #432

Here is a road map of the Accra area in Ghana.  You can see Kumasi in the Ashanti district in the upper center.  One of the roads going to Kumasi on the map is the “death road to Kumasi.”  Accra is on the southeast coast.

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