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About the Blog Title Photo – Point Lobos near Carmel, California with Pebble Beach in background.

Dave Head Shot

I am a trial lawyer in Arizona. Today, I am in my 68th year, so time is of the essence. I am married to Susan and we have a 26 year old son, Wyatt. I have been a Christian since 1971 when I first believed while reading the Bible in a cottage in Woodmont, Connecticut. I like to read and write and watch politics, news and sports on TV. I sing, play guitar and keyboards/piano.


My spiritual memoir, My Faith-Based Life and the Language of Heaven is here:

Spiritual Memoir

My wife Susan’s testimony is here:

Susan Larkin’s Testimony

Here is a music video I made on Christmas day, 2012.   It is a slide show of my two families, the family of my youth growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, and the family of my adulthood in Arizona.  I recorded “Goin’ Back,” a Carol King song, in 2002 in a Scottsdale recording studio, singing the vocals and overdubbed harmonies, and playing my 1969 Gibson J-50 acoustic, and overdubbing my vocals.

Here is a music video I made a in March 2012 using Windows Movie Maker, a simple work. I wrote the song, “Summer Girls” in 1988. I was trying to write a Motown-like ballad. I did not finish the song, but the song and the recording came out alright. I played all the instruments and sang all the vocals overdubbing with a 4-Track Portostudio in my bedroom in Carmel, California in 1988.

David and Susan Larkin at Yale reunion in New Haven, Connecticut – 2005 [I have lost 45 pounds since these two photos were taken on doctor’s orders after diagnosis of adult onset Diabetes II.  Self-control is easier with serious health control, though never easy.  Click here for a essay on self-control I posted after the diagnosis]:

David and Susan Larkin – Christmas 2013 in Arizona

Dave and Sue Christmas


  1. Great taste in music! The Piaf film was
    a marvel (merveil?) – I need to watch it about 5 times more. Impossible not to adore this woman and her signing; impossible to not be a Cotillard

    I like the combination of spiritual/cultural/political
    in your blog. Think of linking the Hollies “The Air that I breathe?”

  2. Hey Dave:

    Thanks for posting this. I have a slightly different take on some of these events, but that’s no surprise. I bought that red VW bug from you in New Haven, after the #3 exhaust valve had burned out. I towed it to my parents’ house in the suburbs, fixed it up, then sold it (for $50.00) to a neighbor who was going to drive it to California. He got as far as the Sierra Nevada, when it died. I think he’s still mad at me!

    Do you remember how you ended up at law school in Lawrence, Kansas? I have a version of that, too.



  3. Bravo, Bravissimo, David.
    Most impressed by your creation.

  4. Sign me up

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