Posted by: davidlarkin | August 1, 2008

Perugino Presages Palmer

Perugino, an early Renaissance Florentine artist (1446-1523), was so popular he needed a workshop full of assistants to meet the demand for his commissions for altar-pieces. Renaissance painter of genius, Raphael (1483-1520), learned his craft in Perugino’s workshop.

In Perugino’s “The Vision of St. Bernard” (1490-94), the Virgin Mary and her three attending angels all share the same type of feminine beauty, especially facial, when appearing in St. Bernard’s vision.

The Perugino use of similar visages for his Virgin and accompanying angels presages the vision of Robert Palmer in his 1989 music video Addicted to Love with the guitar-playing muses of similar beauty swaying behind him.

from Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love Music Video

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