Posted by: davidlarkin | October 21, 2009

Who’s that Starring in My Dream?

I had a dream this morning that I was riding in a car with a few strangers. We were driving on a narrow blacktop road around the perimeter of a grassy square courtyard in some upscale institution, sort of a seaside cross between the Stanford University campus and a religious retreat with a Spanish Mission style, both in spirit and architecture, if that is conceptually possible. It seemed busy like a college campus, but at the same time, serious and sober like a religious retreat. There were Eucalyptus trees along with the California-themed architecture, so it was likely somewhere on the California coast, maybe between LA and San Diego in Dreamland. I dreamed that I told the strangers with me in the car that I had stayed here before in one of the rooms, impliedly available to the public, as if I was recommending a vacation destination. In the dream, I had a memory of the dusty orange earthtone painted, sparsely furnished and dusky sunlit room overlooking the sea, as I told them about it while we wheeled around the square courtyard sightseeing.

As I awoke this morning out of that dream, my thoughts were about the dream. I remembered more about the time I stayed at this same place. I remembered it as from another dream I had quite a while ago. I remembered details of the prior dream that I did not tell the people in the car, including walking around the perimeter of the courtyard and seeing a pub with a neon sign down a flight of stairs between two buildings, and seeing the light coming around a line of buildings telling me of an approaching sunset over the sea. I don’t remember watching the sunset in that dream, just thinking about it. I know that when I was telling them about my prior stay, it was me remembering the experience. So, I was in a dream telling strangers about an experience that was a memory of a real event for my dreaming persona, but in fact, I was telling dream companions about a prior dream, as if it was a memory of a real experience of my dream persona.

So, the question is whether my dream persona is the same person that is writing this post. I don’t know. Dream David Larkin seems to have his own memories that are real to him, but are only dreams to me, Awake David Larkin. Perhaps, I was just remembering the same dream from last night, fractured in two, and reversed in time sequence, like a Charlie Kaufman short with the solo dream coming out of sequence after the social dream. Maybe I need to consult with dream guru, Roger Kamenetz, who wrote the book.


  1. I too have discovered that my dream persona has unique memories, some are of repeated experiences. Freaking me out. How is this possible? If my dream persona has his own unique memory, is he as real as I am real?

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